Vehicle Registration


 Department of Motor Vehicles

The Department of Motor Vehicles is also affiliated with the Assessor’s office in Washington County. This consists of all manner of auto license only. (Driver’s licenses are done through the Sheriff’s office.) DMV hours are Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 5:00 pm, open for lunch hour.

A wide variety of special program plates are available: See (Sample of Plates) and (List of Special Plates) .  These special plates can be applied for at the County office but are shipped directly to the applicant from Boise.

Designated Crossings – ATV / UTV Use

ATV and UTV riders may cross state highways only at designated intersections.  The following intersections have been designated by local authorities as usable for this purpose;

Cambridge:   The City of Cambridge has not yet designated a crossing.

Midvale:  The City of Midvale has designated the intersection of  Bridge Street and U.S. Highway 95 as the crossing within the City limits.  At present it is the only designated crossing area.

Weiser:   The City of Weiser has designated the intersection of East Park Street and East  7 th  Street as the intersection to use as a crossing.  Additionally, the following areas are approved for North / South crossings only:  East 7th Street to West 7th Street on the US Highway 95 Spur (Main Street and Idaho Street).

Disability Cards/Plates

For those individuals requiring special parking permits or plates, applications are available at the counter. There is no charge for this service.

Invasive Species Stickers for Idaho Boats

The Washington County Assessor’s Office is also a vendor for the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation .   For those boaters who require an Invasive Species Sticker for their non-motorized boats, you may obtain them by contacting the Department directly at (208) 334-4199; or may purchase them in Washington County from the Gateway Store and Cafe, 4330 Highway 71, Cambridge, Idaho. Those customers wishing to register their motorized boats, may register them at the Assessor’s office in Weiser.

 Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation Parks Passport Program

Idaho State Parks Passports are available in the Assessor’s office for those vehicles which would require an entry  fee of $5.00 per day. This includes campers, motor homes, vans, pickup trucks, passenger cars, motorcycles, scooters, ATVs, UTVs, etc..   The Passport is tied to your motor vehicle registration and is sold for $10.00 for one year or $20.00 for  two years.     ( Additional camping  and other park use fees (such as boat mooring) will remain the same.) You can purchase the passport  when you register your vehicle, or may purchase it separately at a later time if you prefer.  You will also be able to pay the day-use fee of $5.00  at the park.

Out of state residents may purchase a day- use pass for $5.00 at the park ,  or may purchase an annual pass for  $40.00  from the IDPR.   Stickers  for day-use and over-night use  may be purchased when  making park reservations.
Veterans with 100% disability status are exempt from the day-use fees.
If  you would like more information on this program, you may contact the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation at  (208) 334-4199.
Military License Plates

Special plates having to do with military service have certain qualifying criteria and must be approved by the Idaho Transportation Department in Boise. These include the Disabled Veteran, Former Prisoner of War, Military Reservist, National Guard, Pearl Harbor Survivor, Purple Heart and Veteran. The Gold Star plate is available for certain family members of soldiers killed in action while on active duty in a combat zone. A Military Veteran Motorcycle plate is available and may be personalized. It can have a maximum of five letters and/or numbers. Applications are available at the county office.

Motor Vehicle Investigator

The state Motor Vehicle Investigator is available in our local office once per month. Usually, this is the 1st Wednesday of the month. If you need to meet with the investigator, please contact the office for the next scheduled day. The investigator comes once a month, in the morning only, between 9:00 and 11:00. Service is on a first come first serve basis. Investigators set their own appointment schedules. County deputies do not set out of office appointments for the investigator. If you need to make an appointment with the Motor Vehicle Investigator who serves the Washington County area, you may contact: Phone: (208) 454-7661, or by Email to  Motor Vehicle Investigator 

Notary Public Services

A notary public  is on staff to facilitate transactions. There is a $1.00 per document fee.

Traveler’s Information:

For those who are interested in traveler’s information, trucker’s information, or information for current  road conditions  for Idaho and surrounding  areas,  may call 1-888-432-7623 or contact   Information for surrounding states may be found through Links.

Telephone Numbers of Interest to Department of Motor Vehicle Customers:

Telephone Numbers for DMV Customers
Commercial Vehicles:  
Federal Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (IRS) (800) 829-1040
Hazardous Materials Endorsements (208) 334-8630
Hazardous Waste Permits (208) 334-8621
IFTA Reports (208) 334-7660
Port of Entry (800) 662-7133
Permits Phone (208) 334-8420
Permits Toll Free (in Idaho) (800) 662-7133
One Stop Shop Registration Information (208) 334-8611
One Stop Shop, Registration FAX Service (208) 334-2006
Over legal Permits (208) 334-8420
(Oversize/Overweight) (800) 662-7133
Tax Commission (800) 972-7660
Trip Permits (208) 334-8688
 General Interest Numbers:  
City of Weiser Police (non-emergency) (208) 414-2244
Emergency 911
Idaho Dept Parks & Recreation (208) 334-4199
Idaho State Tax Commission RV Values (208) 334-7733
Registrations / Special Plates ITD (208) 334-8649
Titles Unit Idaho Transportation Department (208) 334-8663
Washington County Assessor (DMV) (208) 414-2000
Washington County Driver’s License (208) 414-2565
Washington County Sheriff (non-emergency) (208) 414-2121