Washington County Maps

Interactive County Parcel Map


Data purchased from the County may not be used for such purposes as a mailing list, telephone number contact list, or any purpose of solicitation, etc. A Data Waiver must be signed and returned to the office prior to purchase of any form of mass data from Washington County.

Washington County maintains a variety of map layers available to the public for viewing and/or purchase. The following is a list of the those maps currently available. Prices vary according to size. (See Schedule of fees page.)


  • City of Cambridge
  • City of Midvale
  • City of Weiser

Parcel Layers:

  • Parcel Numbers
  • Physical Addresses
  • Owners Names



  • County Whiteout
  • Old Photography
  • 2004 Color Photography
  • 2009 Color Photography
  • 2011 Color Photography
  • 2013 Color Photography
  • Precinct Maps for City of Weiser and Washington County
  • Roads & Rivers:
  • Roads:
  • All
  • City
  • Gravel
  • Gravel & Dirt
  • National Forest
  • Paved
  • Private
  • State Highways



  • Access Road
  • All Other Values
  • Grimmett Lateral
  • Grinnell Lateral
  • Mill Ditch
  • Name
  • Pump Access Road
  • Smith-Hemenway Lateral


Taxing Districts:

  • Ambulance District
  • Cemetery Districts: Midvale, Salubria, Weiser
  • County Outline
  • Fire Districts: Cambridge, Midvale, Weiser Area Fire #1
  • Flood Districts
  • Hospital District
  • Library Districts: Cambridge Community, Midvale Free Library
  • Road Districts: Washington County, Weiser Highway
  • Rodent District
  • School Districts: Cambridge #432, Midvale #433, Payette #371
    Weiser #431


Special Projects:

Exempt Properties:

  • Benevolent & Charities
  • BLM
  • Exempt
  • Fish & Game
  • Idaho Transportation Department
  • Payette National forest
  • Public
  • School District
  • State of Idaho

Herd Districts:

  • Herd Districts
  • Stock Drives
  • Mickey Gulch

Township, Range, Section:

  • Township Lines
  • Township Labels
  • Section Labels
  • Section Lines


Soils: Washington County

  • NRCS Soils
  • Soil Layers


  • Plat maps for each parcel of land in the County
    Map is available in 8.5 x 11 and printed in a 4 section format
  • Map of County Fire Protection Districts
  • Map of County Roads
  • Map of County Zoning
  • County Precinct Map
  • City of Weiser Voting Precincts
  • Herd District Map
  • School District Map
  • Hospital and Ambulance District Map
  • Cemetery District Map

Please refer to the schedule of fees for pricing and data waiver form.

Public Maps (PDF)

Cambridge City Limits

Cemetery Districts

Countywide Roads

Countywide Voting Precincts

Fire Districts

Herd District

Hospital and Ambulance Districts

Midvale City Limits

School Districts

Weiser Area Voting Precincts

Weiser City Limits